Welcome to the site of “Master Frankeskoalle” at Earnewâld. Here you can find all the information about our school. This site is meant for pupils, teachers, parents and for all those who are interested.

Our address:

Master Frankeskoalle,
Eilânsgrien 17,
9264 TB Earnewâld.
Tel. 0511-539509
e-mail address: info@frankeskoalle.nl


Earnewâld is a small village in Friesland and is situated in the area abounding in water, lakes and peat-swamps of the national park "De Alde Feanen" between Drachten and Leeuwarden. The villages has 400 and odd inhabitants. Many villagers earn their wage in the tourist business ( yachthavens, camping-sites, bungalowpark, hotel and catering etc.).


Our school bears the name of “master Franke”. He was headmaster of the primary state school from 1948 to 1979. Since August 1989 the municipal authority have delegated the responsibilty for the primary state school to an independent board and with that the Master Frankeskoalle at Earnewâld became a “samenwerkingsschool” (in the Frisian language “gearwurkingsskoalle” which means co-operation school).

That includes among others that:

  • Parents as advocates of state schools as well as parents who believe in denominational (protestant) schools together govern our school in full co-operation.
  • Teaching staff from state and from denominational (protestant) education work in our school.
  • All the children from Earnewâld and the vicinity (can) go to our school.
  • All the parents have the possibility of personal influence on our school by way of the board, the parents-committee or the participation council.
  • From different responsibilities and ideological views we try together to come to as many as possible common objects
  • Ideological and religious education is based on the choice of the parents.

The Master Frankeskoalle has 40 pupils 

Text on the board

In the hall of the school there is a board wit the following text:

"Children, irrespective of their own religion, race or ideology, learn to live and to work with each other in a tolerant way and to respect each others religion or ideology.

Our view on education

We call our school a school with room. By that we mean not only the spacious play and work rooms in and round the building, but even more the scope for children and the parents in our school. In our education there is room for:

  • the development of each child individually
  • the children’s experience and view on life
  • the language that we speak
  • the different ideologies of the parents

School guidebook

For more details and features of the principles of our school we refer to the school guidebook which you can download.